Dare to Colour: Embracing Bold Greens in Your Wardrobe

Welcome to our fashion-focused blog where we celebrate the art of styling with accessories! As an accessory label deeply committed to empowering women, we believe in making bold fashion statements that reflect your unique personality. Today, we're diving into the vibrant world of green - a colour that's both on-trend and incredibly versatile. Forget the old adage of "it's probably too much" or "I'm too old for that." It's time to embrace colour and make a statement with our top three styling tips featuring different shades of green.

1. Olive Green & Light Green: The Modern Understatement


Olive green is a timeless, versatile colour that speaks of earthiness and sophistication. . Our model Emily dons an olive green suit providing a perfect canvas and when paired with light green accessories, it create

s a modern, subtly bold combination that's perfect for any occasion. For a daytime look start with just our Azure ring and/or Kendra earrings or for a fuller look add our “ “ headband too to really embrace a unique look. For a night time look, add our “ “ clutch to add some glamour.

 Styling Tips:

  • Choose accessories in lighter shades to add dimension to olive green outfits.
  • Mix textures like the model's shimmering clutch to add
    visual interest.
  • Keep the jewellery coordinated in colour, but varied in design to maintain a cohesive yet dynamic look.

This combination is a great entry point for those starting to explore the world of colour with fashion.


2. Kelly Green & Fuchsia: The Daring Summer Duo


Kelly Green, a bright and vivid shade, is perfect for those who love to make an entrance. Pairing this with fuchsia accessories creates a daring, playful look that's perfect for embracing the summer vibes. Our model Mel showcases the striking contrast between kelly green and fuchsia. The Angelina earrings and Azure ring in this outfit are not just accessories; they are declarations of confidence. The fuchsia pops against the green, proving that bold colour combinations are not only permissible but encouraged.It's fun, it's fearless, and it's undeniably summer.


Styling Tips:


  • Embrace contrasting colours like fuchsia to bring vibrancy to kelly green garments.
  • Opt for statement jewellery that can hold its own against a bright palette.
  • Remember, balance is key - a singular bold colour accent can be enough to transform your outfit.


3. Emerald Green & Royal Blue: Breaking the Mould


Emerald green paired with royal blue accessories challenges the old-fashion rules with modern defiance. "Blue and green should never be seen" is a rule made to be broken. Our Zara headband and Kendra earrings set against the lush green backdrop showcase a confident, adventurous spirit, ready to step out of their comfort zone.


Styling Tips:

  • Dare to pair traditionally clashing colours for a look that stands out.
  • Choose accessories with similar embellishments to create a sense of unity.
  • Let the colours be the stars of your outfit, with each piece complementing the other.


This pairing is for those who aren’t afraid to play with colour and wants to challenge traditional fashion rules.


Personal Styling with Accession By Adel

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